Pony Level Two

Barn Skills    
  • Approach a horse in the field and halter    
  • Return a horse to the field and un-halter    
  • Pick up&out back feet    
  • Tack a horse with out assistance    
  • Know 5 types of bits    
  • Know the parts of the saddle and bridle for your discipline    
  • Know 5 breeds of horses    
  • Define the basic horse colors(black, bay, chestnut, grey, paint)    
  • Know the difference between a mare, gelding, stallion, filly, colt, foal    
  • Know the basics of showmanship    
  • Know all the main parts of the horse:
          Eye, ear, muzzle, jowl, forelock, withers, mane, tail, hoof, shoulder, elbow, knee, cannon,
          fetlock, pastern, coronet, hip, stifle, hock, chestnut, barrel, rump, croup, dock, girth area    
  • Know gaits and their beats (walk, trot, canter)    
  • Know ring etiquette    
  • Know 3 types of shoes    
  • Know how to clean and inspect tack

  • Adjust stirrup length from the ground    
  • Give and receive a leg up    
  • Posting trot with out diagonals    
  • Count strides at walk and trot    
  • Show control at the trot    
  • Extend and collect the walk    
  • Reverse at the trot    
  • Figure 8 at the trot    
  • Walk in two point/winged victory    
  • Demonstrate a sitting trot    
  • Trot over ground poles