Pony Level One

Barn Skills    
  • Approach a horse in the stall    
  • Halter and un-halter a horse in the stall    
  • Lead a horse in and out of a stall safely    
  • Groom a horse in stall or while tied and name the grooming tools    
  • Pick up and out front hooves    
  • Tack a horse with assistance    
  • Know 5 basic parts of the horse    
  • Know 5 basic parts of tack    
  • Name 5 horse colors    
  • Know the safety rules for the barn    
  • Know the difference between a horse and a pony    
  • Know how often a horse gets its feet and teeth worked on

    Riding Skills    
  • Safely mount and dismount    
  • Show proper control at halt and walk    
  • Walk around obstacles, horses and over poles    
  • Show posting trot on a lounge line    
  • Figure 8 at the walk    
  • Reverse at the walk