Mini Level One

Barn Skills    
  • Know their horse's name    
  • Know their horse's color   
  • Know the horn

  • Be able to hold themself upright using the horn    
  • High five    
  • Wave

    Mini Level Two

    Barn Skills    
  • Know reins, saddle, bridle    
  • Know mane, tail, neck, ears    
  • Know which direction the brushes go
  • Take both hands off the horn for two strides    
  • Stretch towards mane, toes, tail    
  • Stand up at halt, using the horn

    Mini Level Three

    Barn Skills    
  • Know two horse colors    
  • Know stirrup, crown, seat   
  • Know barrel, shoulder, muzzle

  • stand up at walk    
  • trot five strides with handler    
  • walk a small circle without handler