Horse Level Three

Barn Skills    
  • Know the skeleton    
  • Major muscle groups: Traps, long, lat, abs, gluts, quads, hams    
  • Describe the location and purpose of high and low nerving    
  • Discuss pasture management, including:
          types of plants, shelter, water sources, rotational management, sacrifice lot, fence type.    
  • Nutrition characteristics or 3 concentrates    
  • Know the heredity of the cream and dun dilutions    
  • Judge a performance class    
  • Report on an equine profession including certification/apprenticeship opportunities, skills needed, costs, demand, and payscale. At least 500 words, three visuals, oral presentation.    
  • Report on an equine disease or injury, 300 words, 2 visual, oral presentation.    
  • Portfolio include table of contents, cover letter, resume, goal essay, 10 pictures.    
  • Specialty project (training, breeding, showing, teaching, etc)    
  • Teach outside chosen discipline    
  • Teach pony level 3

  • Canter poles without stirrups    
  • Moving mount (trot)    
  • Moving dismount (canter)    
  • Trot a course/test/pattern in a third discipline    
  • Specialty project (more difficult movements or alternate discipline)