Lesson F.A.Q.

1. Do you do lessons all year round?
Yes! We give lessons year round.

2. What about weather?
In the winter we suggest layers and gloves - you really do get warm once you're on the horse, so you'll want to be able to take off a layer or two. We teach rain or shine, barring thunder, if my students wish to ride.

3. Do I need a helmet?
We have several helmets available for students to use.

4. Are sneakers ok?
Yes, although we recomend some form of boot, the only requirement is that the shoe is "closed" (no sandles or slippers)

5. What days/times do you give lessons?
Lessons run at Verirous Blocks during the week and weekend. Please call to schedule a lesson. We have lights in our arena to be able to have lessons later in the evening.