Available For Lease

We have several horses for full or partial on site lease. Leased horses can be shown, trail ridden, ridden in lessons, or used for practice outside of lessons.

HHF Horses
  • Cookie
  • Bailey
  • Kip
  • Whinnie
  • Leo
  • Eclipse (also for sale)
  • Azzy
  • Hoshi
  • Rebal
  • Emma
        The terms of the lease for HHF horses are a dollar to lease the horse for a year, and then the leasee will pay the percentage of the board for that horse he is leasing. Leasing half a horse would cost half that horses board and grain bill. Leasee is responsible for half the cost of shots, deworming, feed and fairrier care while leasing the horse. The Lease can be lengthened or shortened to any period of time with out penalty. A person half leasing a horse would get use of that horse on average 15 days each month. If the horse is full leased the horse will only be ridden by the leasee. Partial leased horses must be signed out for trail rides so that there location is known and so that we can plan their lesson schedule. Lease terms for non HHF horses are arranged by the horses owner.
    If you are interested in a horse not listed, contact us.
  • 1/4 leases start at $75/month. Rides must be scheduled in advance.
  • 1/2 leases start at $150 a month
  • Full leases and breeding leases available on a case by case basis.