Layups and Retirement

Layups care is available at Heritage Harvest Farm. We provide a full range of services to help your horse recover in a calm and timely manner. We work with you and your trainer/veterinarian to provide the best care for your injured horse. Our knowledgeable staff has decades of horse and veterinary experence. See our list of services below.


Many of our boarders already enjoy the watchful and complete care of their retiree. Whether your horse is done with his career and looking to enjoy the large pastures and companionship of other older horses, or you are off to college or your business makes keeping track of your horse's hoof trimming and vaccination difficult, we are there for you. We will send out reminders and even get your horse's feet done as necessary without you having to mark down your calendar. We deworm everyone on the same schedule so you never have to worry if you've forgotten. We have an onsite veterinarian who is capable of handling your equine emergencies and taking care of even difficult dental work. Never a fee for holding your horse for our farrier or for our vet. We can even set up a payment plan that covers all your horse's routine expenses for the year so that you pay the same amount each month. We offer way more for less with a family feel and real knowledge of horses. So let us take care of your horse when you can't.

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Layup Services Retirement Services
Stall Confinement No Hassle deworming

Small Paddock Turnout

Holding/scheduling our farrier
Hand walking or lunging Holding/scheduing veterinary care

Bandage Change

Wound or incission care No hassle vaccines and dental floats
Cold hosing Large Pastures
Massage Well matched groups of horses
Acupuncture Low-stress, family run enviroment
Medication Administration Transportation